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Getting Ready For The Shoot

    Making a few changes before I arrive at your home will help me through the process. Your Realtor makes a significant investment in marketing your home and professional photography is one component of a successful marketing program. The objective of Real Estate Photography is to capture the features of the house. This helps people who visit your home on the web. By removing distractions, a person viewing your home on the web sees your home and its features in its best light. If you are going to have work done such as landscaping, painting or tile, have this done a few days before you schedule a shoot. This keeps things from being frantic during the shoot.

   In addition to having your home in ready to show condition, here are a few things you can do to help make sure your home is beautifully photographed.

The Exterior :



  • Stow away trash cans, yard signs,

 decorative flags, seasonal decorations, etct.


  • Move cars out of the driveway.


  • Store water hoses and garden items in the garage.


  • Remove toys, cleaning supplies, recycling bins,

tools, and other items.

An excellent place to store things is in the garage or laundry room,

unless you want the room photographed.


  • Clean and arrange the outdoor furniture how you would like to have it photographed. If you have an umbrella, open it and remove the grill cover.


  • Sweep decks and patios and stow away any items such as toys, pool equipment, and grill covers, etc.


  • Have the pool cleaned if you have one, The clear blue water looks stunning.



The Interior :


  • Turn on all the lights, but make sure every fan is turned off. Open all drapery. I will adjust the blinds for the light in your home.


  • If you have any burnt - out light bulbs, replace them.


  • Make the beds and tidy up the rooms, removing personal items and nicknacks.


  • Install decorator globe bulbs in the exposed bulb lighting fixtures commonly used in bathrooms. Most importantly make sure all

Light Bulbs are the same  type ( incandescent, Florescent etc. )

Or it will look odd.

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