My goal with this project is photographing and see some of the best locations in Texas. 
I hope to design a photography book featuring all 95 Texas State Parks with selected photo's that show off each park after I complete them all.
   I Have my degree in photography now and this project I started is going on between work and my family and when I have the extra funds or when you can help me out. That is why I decided to start this page and where you can come in and help me.
If you want to help out and become part of my adventures you can 
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The Piney Woods Region                   Gulf Coast Region

Hill Country Region                              Prairies & Lakes Region

News and Page Updates :  
• website : 6 out of 95 parks finished 
 • website :  Latest parks page  update
• Visited : 8 out of 95 parks
• started this Adventure February 2016
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